Logan Review (spoilers?)

Logan was released on March 1st as a highly anticipated film starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Stephen Merchant. It was written and directed by James Mangold and adapted to a screenplay by Scott Frank.

I saw this film on the day it was released  not knowing much about the ‘X-men’ or ‘Wolverine’. This however did not mean i couldn’t follow the film. The story was very emotional and relatable to most people.

The film is balanced, it has its very intense action moments which keep you on the edge of your seat and then it has the toned down emotional scenes which really draw you in. The film engages every part of you and almost makes you feel like you are within the film. the characters are played so well, especially Logan. We see sides of him that aren’t expected, how he is becoming weaker throughout the film. Emotional sides,which take a while to come out, and selfless sides.

One of the best scenes is when Professor-X has a seizure. It’s just incredible. The scene is held out for such a long time which creates a massive tension within the audience. It also really shows how powerful Professor-X actually is.

The child, Laura, is payed very well. The way she portrays her character makes you want to be her. She’s so cool. As her character doesn’t speak much English- or speak much at all for that matter, it is down to her acting to portray her personality to the audience. At first she seems quite shy until Professor-X takes her under his wing. This is when she really develops as a character. She gives a very powerful performance for a child and if the film wasn’t a 15 rating, she would be a good person for girls to look up to.

Having only seen one X-men film, which wasn’t that good, I am glad i saw it. It was just great.

I r8 it 8/10wolverine_snikt_by_bouncied-d3f6bri


poster 2.jpg

I created this poster in photoshop to go along with our opening title sequence. I used a screen cap of a shot that we took when shooting. To keep the ambiguity I cropped it to just the hand and the gun so it would draw the audience in as the would question, who it is and why they have a gun.

To get the effect I first desaturated the image. I then increased the contrast and brightness to make the main features you see stand out.After that, I added the posterize effect which gave it the grainy look and then increased the gamma to give it the block colour look. I wanted to do this effect as it is very striking so it would draw attention to it and also as it represents within the film how there is a clear divide between the hunters and the hunted. The slogan ‘BE PREPARED OR BE SCARED’ is used to suggest to the audience that if you aren’t prepared, you will most likely be scared as the ‘hunters’ will get you. The font I used is the same as the one used on our second draft as continuity is important and also represents the branding of the film.


On the 15th February we did a re-shoot of the whole sequence. We had added some more shots to make the sequence longer and we also shot during the day to improve the lighting ad in the previous one it was very dark.