Final Audience Feedback

We spoke to our class after the final screening and asked some questions. Here are the questions we asked

Do you prefer the sequence with or without sound?

Our previous draft didn’t have any sound so we asked the class whether they thought it was better with or without sound. The whole class thought it was more effective with sound.

Do you think the music was effective?

The whole class thought the music was effective. This is good as we added it after getting feedback from them before which suggested we should ass music.

Do you think the lighting was good?/better than before?

When asked the first part of the question, Only around half of the class thought the lighting was good however mostly all thought it was better than before. This was good as it was out main thing that we wanted to improve from the previous draft

Is the voice-over effective?

Similar to the music, we added this after feedback suggested it would improve the title sequence. The majority o the class thought that the voice over was effective.

Does the title sequence make you want to watch the whole film?

The majority of the class would like to watch on. This shows that we were successful with the idea we wanted to carry out.


Editing Process

Below is a video I used to learn how to create titles in after effects.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.08.17
I first downloaded this video of some glitch footage. this would be the basis of the text/titles and is what would create the animated effect.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.10.42
Here I followed the tutorial to adjust the settings such as the opacity of the colours and how the text would move in terms of opacity. I adjusted each section usin keyframes. This would give more depth to th text once it had been animated. I turned the opacity down so that the video is shown slightly through it to make it look more professional.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.07.55
This is where we make sure that the animated part of the text is replaced by the footage from the video i downloaded. I did this using a displacement map. This means that any existing text is displaced by the video movement, therefore mimicking the video. i also made sure that the video could not be too overpowering on the text so i adjusted the maximum horizontal and vertical movements of the text.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.09.05
This is how the text is mimicking the video.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.20.27
I altered some of the shots to make it darker so it looks like night. I did this by first adding a tint. I then adjusted the brightness and contrast for each inidividual shot so it all matched.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.19.39
I then added a colour matte in a yellow shade. I had this on quite a low opacity so it wasn’t too overpowering. I also adjusted this based on each shot, using key frames, so it all matched.

Logan Review (spoilers?)

Logan was released on March 1st as a highly anticipated film starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Stephen Merchant. It was written and directed by James Mangold and adapted to a screenplay by Scott Frank.

I saw this film on the day it was released  not knowing much about the ‘X-men’ or ‘Wolverine’. This however did not mean i couldn’t follow the film. The story was very emotional and relatable to most people.

The film is balanced, it has its very intense action moments which keep you on the edge of your seat and then it has the toned down emotional scenes which really draw you in. The film engages every part of you and almost makes you feel like you are within the film. the characters are played so well, especially Logan. We see sides of him that aren’t expected, how he is becoming weaker throughout the film. Emotional sides,which take a while to come out, and selfless sides.

One of the best scenes is when Professor-X has a seizure. It’s just incredible. The scene is held out for such a long time which creates a massive tension within the audience. It also really shows how powerful Professor-X actually is.

The child, Laura, is payed very well. The way she portrays her character makes you want to be her. She’s so cool. As her character doesn’t speak much English- or speak much at all for that matter, it is down to her acting to portray her personality to the audience. At first she seems quite shy until Professor-X takes her under his wing. This is when she really develops as a character. She gives a very powerful performance for a child and if the film wasn’t a 15 rating, she would be a good person for girls to look up to.

Having only seen one X-men film, which wasn’t that good, I am glad i saw it. It was just great.

I r8 it 8/10wolverine_snikt_by_bouncied-d3f6bri